Travel Trends

    • Lost In Havana
      I’m lost on the outskirts of Havana, dressed in a sweaty T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. I don’t have my cell phone but that doesn’t matter because there’s no one to call.
      • Written By
        Margie Goldsmith
    • Beautiful Baltics
      What is it about the world’s most up-and-coming destinations that piques our curiosity, making us want to explore them?
      • Written By
        Robyn Levy
    • Beautiful Britain
      Globetrotter Kathy Bunbury discovers endless wonders just waiting to be uncovered in beautiful Britain.
      • Written By
        Kathy Bunbury
    • New Cruise Ships and Itineraries!
      Maiden voyages, new ports of call and advanced ship design make 2015 a standout year for cruising.
      • Written By
        Kathleen Mangan
    • Hong Kong’s Hot Cuisine!
      Hong Kong has emerged as a surprising star in the culinary world, tying New York City with 7 three-star Michelin restaurants.
      • Written By
        Echo Garrett
    • The Adventure Travel Myth
      The term “adventure travel” is thought to be reserved for young, fit adrenaline junkies. But that perception is changing!
      • Written By
        Julia Dimon

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